Universal PublicSchool is a school with commitment. Our mission is ‘Promotional of Knowledge,Discipline & Character building’ among students.


The school was startedby the Director Wg. Cdr. A. K. Sharma ( Retd.) after taking pre-matureretirement from the Indian Air Force in 1989.


The school aims toprovide the best education at an affordable cost. The School imparts educationto the School.  Children of the semi - urbanlocality of Mahavir Enclave & its neighboring areas. The students come frombackground of parents whose occupation range from being a mason to a driver,carpenter to a watchman.


            Our excellent academic result in thepast two decade is an indicator of our dedication and sincerity in the field.We use the latest technologies and methods to educate the children. The Schoolhas also adopted the education in human values programmed whereby the studentsare also equipped not only academically and professionally but also sociallyand morally to understand their role in the society.


            Over these 20 years the school hasearned the faith, confidence and respect due to its excellent results in allfields both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic. We provide good education at anominal fee structure in comparison to the neighboring private public Schools.


            We are firmly dedicated to the causeof providing quality education so that our students become useful citizens ofthe country with a global outlook.


            Educationis essentially the process of transformation of an individual to enhance theability to meet the expected or unexpected situations of life. It is thecontinuous process of learning. Learning indeed is understanding of new thingsin billion ways. Yet to do the thing in the best possible way. According toU.N., there are four pillars of education-learning to know, learning to do,learning to live together and learning to be. Being the founder of aneducational institution we are committed to the development of a child as awhole with the emphasis on life skills along with the academics.


            Each child needs knowledge as wellas wisdom. Knowledge comes from books and wisdom originated from inside. Actionalso is very important as it helps in development of wisdom. When both theroots are strong then education gives the complete concept of education. Fortrue education, the existence of deep desire, determination, parents andstudents participating is a must. Our vision is to sow the seed of the abovementioned true education in developing young children. With our deep desire,determination, sincere efforts we are confident that we will be able to createand provide such opportunity in UNIVERSAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, functioning under theaegis of LOKEE EDUCATION SOCIETY.